How to deal with Amazon Europe? What are the procedures?
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  According to a notice issued by Amazon, from July 1, 2021, it will be deemed illegal to sell products bearing the "CE" mark on Amazon without providing European information. After the release of this information, some customers came to consult for Europe, but for Amazon Europe process is not clear, so the standard detection will introduce Amazon Europe process through this article!


  European Authorised Representative refers to a natural or legal person specifically designated by a manufacturer located outside the EEA (including EU and EFTA) of any kind within the European Economic Area. The natural or legal person may represent the manufacturer outside the EEA to perform the specific duties required of the manufacturer by the relevant EU directives and laws.

  When the export outside the EU has any problems in the customs clearance, the EU agent will help the exporter to communicate with the customs and solve the problem. The customs will usually ask the exporter to communicate with the EU agent. When the exporter's products in the European Union sales process, there are any problems, it is also Europe to help solve the problem. Therefore, Europe takes a certain amount of risk. The higher the risk the exporter exports, the higher the risk Europe takes.

  Amazon requires overseas exporters to provide European information, on the one hand, to ensure the quality of the products and the reputation of the exporters, on the other hand, to facilitate the communication of subsequent product issues.

  Amazon Europe processing process:

  1. The customer submits the application form to the energy standard test

  2. Sign a contract

  3. Sign an agency agreement with the authorized representative of the EU

  4. Provide customers with European information (address and phone number, etc.)

  5. Confirmation of follow-up services (such as providing DOC documents, testing fee will be increased)

  Validity of EU Agent:

  See agent organization to deal with commonly, have a year, 3 years, 5 years of validity, also can expire quickly to continue again on.

  Precautions for Amazon Europe:

  For the choice of Europe, must choose high quality, avoid to bring unnecessary trouble to their own

  1. Choose a qualified and competent professional third-party EU authorized representative company.

  A legal company registered in EU/with professional technical personnel who are familiar with relevant EU regulations and can help the manufacturer to resolve disputes.

   Agents and exhibition service providers. The above points can be confirmed by inquiring its EU registration certificate and dialing its phone in the EU to see whether it is a telephone recording.

  2. Sign a valid agreement or contract of EU authorized representatives.

  The names and addresses of Party A and Party B under the contract/agreement must be exactly the same as those of the manufacturer and the authorized representative of the EU on the package/label of the future products to which the CE mark will be affixed.

  3. Attention should be paid to the following:

  The terms and conditions of the contract shall be in the main official language of the EU, usually in the official language of the country where the EU representative is located.

  Avoid choosing an authorized representative of the EU who does not have a fixed office and telephone number in the EU.

  Avoid acting as a distributor and an authorized representative of the EU.

  Avoid using relatives and friends who are studying in Europe as authorized representatives of the EU.