The enterprise culture

NBTS is everywhere in your life.

Provide global testing and certification services to deliver trust for quality life.


Localized professional services, globalized trust sharing.

NBTS  relying on professional testing, inspection, and certification technologies, is committed to ensuring quality and safety, promoting management and compliance, promoting optimization and innovation, and helping green and sustainable development.

We pay attention to the hidden dangers that exist around thousands of consumers around the world, and escort quality life and a better future; we protect the reasonable interests of many companies in the world in the global value chain, and ensure fair and orderly trade; we assist the government in discovering the risks in the market , To strengthen scientific supervision and promote healthy development.

NBTS, rooted in China's fertile soil, deeply cultivates third-party fields, conveys industry trust, and creates global value.

Believe in the first, be virtuous

NBTS people advocate integrity and put integrity first in values;

NBTS people maintain their independence and provide independent judgment;

NBTS people are committed to providing scientific and accurate data and reports.

All will come together, scorching iron and shining gold

NBTS people respect each other's differences;

NBTS people help and trust each other and give full play to the advantages of the team;

NBTS people rely on teamwork to achieve their goals

Improving constantly

NBTS grasps the overall situation and keeps the process accurate;

NBTS pays attention to details and strives for perfection;

NBTS aims at the forefront of technological development and maintains technological advancement.

Heart for heart, work together for a win-win situation

NBTS pays attention to the needs of employees and treats them sincerely;

NBTS is guided by customer needs to improve the quality of work and provide high-quality services;

NBTS pays attention to social responsibility and improves the quality of life through professional services.

Intentions are lofty, accumulate and develop

NBTS is committed to establishing a learning organization;

NBTS pursues self-transcendence;

NBTS is committed to becoming a respected professional.