A number of national standards for textile and footwear products will soon be implemented
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  Recently, the Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China (Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China) issued the National Standards Announcement No. 28 of 2020, in which 323 recommended national standards and 4 national standard revisions were approved, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued Announcement No. 48 of 2020 approving 669 industry standards.

  Some of the product standards related to textile and footwear products are listed as follows:

  1. QB/T 5539-2020 children's raincoat poncho

  2. FZ/T 73046-2020 integrated bra

  3. FZ/T 73016-2020 knitted thermal underwear floc type

  4. FZ/T 73019.2-2020 Adjustment of Knitted Shape Underwear

  5. FZ/T 73066-2020 knitted maternal bra

  6. FZ/T 73067-2020 Cooling contact knitwear

  7. FZ/T 73043-2020 knitted shirt

  8. FZ/T 73068-2020 seaweed fiber blended knitting garment

  9. FZ/T 74001-2020 Knitted sports protective gear for textiles

  10. FZ/T 62042-2020 Cooling fabric bedding

  11. HG/T 3081-2020 rubber surface anti-smash protective boots

  12. HG/T 2495-2020 work shoes

  13. HG/T 2182-2020 cotton rubber shoes

  14. QB/T 4552-2020 slippers

  15. QB/T 5541-2020 Stream tracing shoes

  16. QB/T 2884-2020 Footwear outsole test method - Wear resistance

  The implementation date of the above standards is April 1, 2021, please pay attention to it, thank you.