Canada issues SOR/2016-167 regulation
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   On May 5, 2021, Health Canada released a consultation on the proposed amendments to SOR/2016-167 Recumbent and Seat Stroller Regulations.


  Here are the main contents:

  Mechanical requirements:

  Meet the mechanical requirements of ASTM F833-19; Or at least one of the following:

  1. Mechanical requirements for ASTM F833-19; Or to consult on proposed amendments to the legislation on baby carriages;

  2, ISO 31110:2020 mechanical requirements and ASTM F833-19 sections 6.8 and 6.10 clamping requirements.

  Surface coating requirements:

  Stickers, films or other removable materials attached to the accessible parts of a horizontal or seated stroller, or surface materials, shall comply with the following restrictions:



  Added phthalate requirements. The vinyl base parts of a horizontal or seated baby carriage shall comply with the requirements of the SOR/2016-188 with the following restrictions:


  In addition, any part that can be placed in the mouth of a child under 4 years of age should also meet the following requirements:


  Labeling Requirements:

  Without reference to specific revisions, Health Canada recommends consistency with ASTM F833-19 or ISO 31110:2020. Official language requirements (English and French) for all messages and warnings should be maintained.


  ● ASTM F833-19 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Baby Carts

  ● ISO 31110:2020 Wheeled passenger vehicles for children - Seated and horizontal carts - Requirements and test methods