The main purpose of REACH is to promote health and the environment, increase our knowledge of chemicals, improve safety, promote alternative experimental methods, and stimulate innovation by encouraging safer substances to replace highly dangerous substances.

  The REACH Directive is the English abbreviation of "Chemical Registration, Evaluation, License and Restriction". The REACH Directive is the European Union's regulation on preventive management of all chemicals entering its market. It was implemented on June 1, 2007. The European Commission put forward the chemical white paper REACH in February 2001, and officially promulgated the relevant regulations in the first quarter of 2007, which took effect in all member states.

  The main content of REACH is to require proof that daily-use products do not contain chemical substances harmful to the human body. Therefore, all daily products produced in the EU or imported into the EU market, which mainly refer to textiles, must pass the registration, inspection and approval of the content of harmful chemical substances. Once the content exceeds the prescribed content, they cannot be sold on the EU market.

  Scope of application:

  Electrical and electronic products, textiles, furniture, chemicals

  Not applicable:

  Radioactive substances, products temporarily stored in EU customs or bonded areas without any processing, garbage, transportation vehicles for transporting dangerous substances, non-separable intermediates, products exempted from national defense requirements.

Process of handling REACH report:

  The first step: apply

   1. Fill in the application form

   2. Apply for company information form

   3. Provide product information and send samples

   Step 2: Quotation

   According to the information provided by the engineer, determine the test standard, test time and corresponding cost;

   Step 3: Payment

   After the applicant confirms the quotation, sign the application form and service agreement and make payment

   Step 4: Test

   The laboratory conducts a full set of tests on the applied products according to the relevant EU testing standards

   Step 5: The test is passed and the report is complete

   Step 6: The project is completed and REACH test report is issued