The GB24427-2021 regulations will be officially implemented on November 1, 2021
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On November 1, 2021, the GB24427-2021 battery mercury, cadmium and lead limit requirements were formally implemented, replacing GB24427-2009 "Restrictions on mercury, cadmium, and lead content in alkaline and non-alkaline zinc-manganese dioxide batteries" and GB24428- 2009 "Limited Requirements for Mercury Content in Zinc-Silver Oxide, Zinc-Air, and Zinc-Manganese Dioxide Button Cells."

   GB24427-2021 specifies the limit requirements, testing methods and compliance determination requirements for mercury, cadmium and lead content in standardized zinc-manganese dioxide batteries, zinc-silver oxide batteries, and zinc-air batteries.

   GB24427-2021 contains many major revisions. The new standard has the following requirements for standardized mercury, cadmium, and lead limits for various types of batteries:



   1. Because there are too many battery types and models, they are not listed in detail here, please refer to the original text of the standard;

  2. Unstandardized zinc-silver oxide, zinc-air, and zinc-manganese dioxide batteries shall comply with the above requirements.