Transport Packaging

  Packaging and transportation is an indispensable part of commodity circulation. Whether the packaging protects the product is directly related to the economic profit of the business. The International Safe Transport Association (ISTA) has issued a series of standards, test procedures and test items and other documents as a unified basis for evaluating the safety performance of transport packaging

  The way of packing and transportation:

  Single transport packaging, collective transport packaging

  Bags, barrels and bundles of different shapes of packaging.

  Paper packaging, metal packaging, wooden packaging, plastic packaging, hemp product packaging, bamboo, willow, straw product packaging, glass product packaging, ceramic packaging, etc.

  Semi-rigid packaging and rigid packaging

  Full packaging and partial packaging

  Test items:

  Vibration, shock, drop, pressure, blasting, environment, edge pressure strength, packaging materials and heavy metals,

  standard test:

  United States: ASTM D3580, ASTM3332

  International: ISTA