Sports products

   In recent years, with the improvement of material conditions, people pay more and more attention to their bodies, so more and more people will take physical exercises. Correspondingly, the sports and fitness equipment industry is developing rapidly. More and more products are favored by many buyers, and related quality and safety issues have attracted much attention.

   The tested products include:

   Strength exercise machines, power weightlifting platforms, exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, steppers/climbing machines, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, roller skates, skateboards

   Test items:

   Durability, impact, load, EMC, LVD,

   Testing standard:

   European Union: EN 957, EN 13843, EN 13899, EN 13613, EN 14619

   United States: ASTM F 2216, ASTM F 1250, ASTM F 2276, ASTM F 2115

   International Organization for Standardization: ISO 20957