Bathroom supplies

  Bathroom is an indispensable activity space for people's daily life. The shapes and styles of bathroom products are not only diverse and increasingly refined, but also break through the inherent concepts in materials. Bathroom products are constantly being artistic. When experiencing the visual impact of beauty, people pay more attention to the quality of the products. A test service to avoid the risk of non-compliance, and better let people use it at ease!

  Product testing includes:

  Toiletries: bathtubs, bidets, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, shower columns, bathroom accessories, bathroom handrails, bathroom accessories, bathroom appliances, faucet showers, thresholds, exhaust fans, nozzles, bidet, shower curtains, floor drains, drains Air fan, bathroom type radiator

  Toiletries: basins, countertops, pedestal basins, basins, hanging basins, faucets

  Defecation supplies: toilet, toilet, pedal changer, flush valve/spool, water tank, large/urinal delay valve, urinal

  Decoration products: bathroom mirrors, floor waterproof products, floor tiles

 Test item category:

  Appearance quality test Overflow function test

  Crack resistance test Water absorption test

  Flushing function Flushing noise

  Connection sealing performance

  Safety water level test Rainbow test

  Marking and labeling requirements Packaging, transportation and storage requirements

 Corresponding regulations and standards:

 GB/T6952-2005 GB/T2829

 GB/T3769 GB/T9195

 GB/T3081GB/T 23447-2009 JC/T3081

 JC/T764 JC/T886

 JC/T931 JC/T987

 JG/T 183-2006 JG 232-2008

 JC/T 760-2008 CECS 224-2007