Physical performance test

   The NBTS laboratory can test the physical and mechanical properties of the product such as shape, size, hardness, tensile and burning properties according to the product category and the legal requirements of the export destination to ensure that your product will not cause harm to users and comply with local laws. Regulatory requirements.

   Test items:

   Mechanical and physical properties Flammability properties Electrical properties Color fastness Component analysis Textile dimensional stability

   Textile appearance retention, tearing strength, tensile breaking moisture permeability and water resistance, bursting strength

   Functionality Moisture resistance Abrasion resistance Instructions for use Other physical properties Test shrinkage

   Regulatory requirements:

   EN71 ASTM F963 ISO 8124 GB6675 ST2016 SOR/2011-17 CPSC ASTM F2923

   IEC 62115 EN62115 GB 19865 AS NZS 62115 GB/T 3920 GB/T 3921 GB/T 8427

   GB/T 3922 GB/T 5711 GB/T 18886 GB/T 29862 GB/T 5713 GB 18401 GB 3170

   GB/T 2910 GB/T 6151 FZT 01057 FZT 01026 FZT 01101 GB/T 16988 AS/NZS ISO 8124

   FZT 01095 ISO 105 AATCC ASTM D4966