chemical test

   NBTS laboratories can detect toxic and harmful chemical substances in products according to the product category and the regulatory requirements of the export destination, reduce product export risks, and ensure that your products do not cause harm to the human body and the environment, and comply with local laws and regulations.

   Regulatory requirements:

   EN71, ASTM F963, ISO8124, ST2016, CA65, WEEE,

   CPSC, RoHS, REACH, POHS, Packaging Directive, Battery Directive,

   GB18401, GB31701, OEKO-TEX Standard100,

   GB5009, FDA, LFGB,

   Test items:

   Elemental analysis, halogen, flame retardant,

   Preservatives, coloring agents, insecticides,

   Plasticizers, surfactants, volatile organic compounds,