Pet supplies

  From the beginning of pets as the intimate partners of human beings, the pet products market has been developing rapidly, including clothes, food, toys, ornaments, pet dens and so on. The pet products of the future will be safe and environmentally friendly, so the manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of pet products must ensure that their products are environmentally friendly, safe and compliant.

  Product testing includes:

  Pet cleaning products: hair clippers, hair shaver, nail clippers, polish sharpeners, massage bath brush, glove brush, hair removal brush, wire brush, bird bath, pet wipes, handle comb, pet blowing water/fan, etc

  Pet carrying tools: pet pendant, collar strap, pet bell, etc

  Pet clothing clothing: pet diapers, pet clothing, ornamental fish, nail covers, etc

  Pet toys: raw skin bone bite glue, dog training love pat, molar teeth cleaning ball, etc

  Pet housing supplies: pillow, quilt, bed cover, bed, mat, cage, fence, nest, tent, fish tank, bird frame, etc

  Pet food containers: food bowls, bird feeders, etc

  Pet food: bird food, dog food, fish food, cat food, hamster food, etc

  Other pet supplies: outdoor retainer, pet bag, fishing net, fish box, bubble stone for ornamental fish, etc

  Category of test items:

  Formaldehyde test for lead content test for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

  Phthalate tests for dimethylfumarate tests for component migration

  Physical and mechanical tests, combustion tests, electronic tests

  Chemical test Microbiological test Radioactive test Packaging test

  Corresponding regulations:


  Canada CCPS Japan ST China GB international standard ISO/IEC