Safety performance test

  NBTS laboratories can test the safety performance of products according to the legal requirements of product categories and export destinations, and provide product rectification plans to ensure that your products meet local laws and regulations.

  Safety performance test:

  Operating voltage, failure test, impact test, vibration test, impact test, electrical clearance, creepage distance and insulation penetration distance,

  Plug test, protective conductor connection resistance, external wire terminal, power cord stress relief test, electrical connection and fixing test,

  Leakage test, contact test, energy hazard test, safety interlock device test, printed circuit board test, power supply protection cover,

  Packaging and sealing parts inspection, external force test, electrical equipment in (upper) building, electric shock test, dielectric strength test,

  Label inspection and test, radiation test, emission test, SELV test, TNV test, current limiting circuit test, overload test, manual device test,

  Battery explosion-proof test, overflow test, flammability test, fire test, adhesive test, Vicat test, waterproof test, needle flame test, glow wire test, etc.