Scope of inspection products

The scope of inspection products mainly includes:

Textile category:

Clothing, home textiles, fashion accessories, bags, shoes and socks, leather, cloth, yarn, etc

Light industry:

Hardware, household products, furniture, toys, handicrafts, outdoor products, sporting goods, Christmas gifts, kitchen products, cosmetics, building materials, hand tools and other miscellaneous goods

Electronics and electrical appliances:

Lamps and lanterns: lamp, bulb, flashlight.

Household products: air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee machine, water heater, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, electric kettle, oven, rice cooker, juicer, sandwich machine, electric fan, electric iron, calculator, massager, etc.

Audio and video products: TV, DVD player, radio, MP3, MP4, digital camera, speaker, microphone, etc.

Communication equipment: radio terminal, telephone and accessories, antenna and other communication equipment.

Electric tools: drill, hammer, screwdriver, etc.

Others: it equipment, electronic components, wireless devices, computers, circuit boards, etc.


Equipment: automobiles, equipment, motorcycles, wheels, automobile engines, after-sales accessories, etc.

Equipment: crane, forklift, tractor, electric drill, industrial juicing equipment, food pressing equipment and other general industrial equipment.