Inflatable class

   Drowning has become a major fatal accident in many countries, especially among young people, it has become the first and most deadly accident. An important factor that caused the accident is the unqualified quality of water inflatable products.

   Testing products:

   Balloons, swimming rings, water inflatable products.

   Test items:

   Physical properties: sharp points, sharp edges, impact, load, burning

   Chemical properties: composition analysis, lead, o-benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, ROHS, REACH

   Testing standard:

   China: GB6675

   United States: ASTMF963, CPSC

   European Union: EN71, 2011/65/EU, EC1907/2006

   Canada: SOR/2005, SOR/2010, SOR/2011, SOR/2014