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Business introduction

  · Trade is liquid, and the health and safety of goods at every stage of the supply chain is at risk;


  · Different countries have different legal compliance requirements for agricultural products and food quality and safety;


  · GAFTA and FOSFA require professionally recognized regulators to serve the transaction.


Service Content


  · With a global network of businesses, we provide a full range of cargo inspection services to ensure the hygiene and safety of goods at every stage of the supply chain. From shipment to export, inspect warehouses and storage tanks, and monitor the cargo throughout the transportation process to ensure that the cargo is free from odors, moisture, impurities, previous cargo residues or pests.


  · Our independent surveys and reports provide documentation support for all risk assessments, damage investigations and due diligence, as well as evidence of legal compliance at the local and international levels. Assist in complying with industry regulations and protecting product safety throughout the supply chain, avoiding storage and shipping losses and giving stakeholders confidence in the integrity of the goods.


  · Our inspection service for transportation vehicles ensures that it is suitable for loading related goods, checks and determines the problems that may affect the goods during transportation, and confirms that the goods are shipped on order by visual inspection to ensure that the shipment meets the requirements of the contract. The port and inland transfer stations accurately verify the weight and quality of the goods for production and trade.



  Inspection scope


  ·Clean inspection


  ·Water gauge weight


  · Damage investigation / claim inspection


  ·Electronic certificate


  ·Quality classification


  ·Initial production inspection (IPC)


  ·In-production inspection (DUPRO)


  ·Final random test (FRI)


  ·Loading and unloading supervision


  ·Trade Inspection (GAFTA, FOSFA)


  · Ship condition and oil storage inspection


  ·Good cargo verification


  ·Hatch and cargo compartment inspection


  ·Dock manager, renting and renting out


  ·Cargo inventory


  ·Sensory visual inspection


  ·Guarantee service (full weight / full quality / comprehensive protection)

Our advantage:


  ①NBTS has qualified and experienced professional technical team to provide you with professional advice and services.


  ②NBTS has advanced laboratory equipment to ensure accurate and reliable test data.


  ③NBTS provides a one-stop test and certification solution with online online services around the world.


  ④NBTS is your trusted third-party testing and certification organization and a certificate of your quality.


Service Process:


  Telephone communication or interview-----Send sample evaluation-----contract signing (payment) ------ issue report ------- after-sales technical service

Food inspection service
The NBTS inspection service can help customers to notice defects as soon as possible and make timely changes to the places where they are needed, in order to reduce the risk of loss and brand integrity.