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Business introduction


  With the globalization of international trade, more and more governments are beginning to implement conformity assessment as part of their sustainability programs to protect their domestic consumers from the safety, health and environment associated with the import of substandard products. Aspect of the hazard.

  ·Are your Saudi Arabian products listed in the local government control product list?

  ·Does your product meet local technical regulations and standards?

  ·Have you obtained the Customs Clearance Product Compliance Certificate CoC? 

  If you don't know, want to know about the content or have not obtained the certificate, please read on, or consult us, we will try our best to answer your doubts, and provide SASO & SFDA related services for the export of Saudi Arabia's product conformity assessment program. . Help your products meet the standards of the importing countries and smoothly clear customs!


Service Content


  According to the relevant laws and regulations of the SASO&SFDA, which is implemented by the Cabinet of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all imported goods under the control list must be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity (CEC) to prove the import. The products comply with the relevant technical regulations and standards of Saudi Arabia.

The application process of the Saudi Arabia Product Compliance Assessment Program (SASO & SFDA) is as follows:

  ·The first step of the exporter submits the completed application form Request for Certificate Form (RFC), the application form should detail the goods, and provide product quality documents such as test reports, technical parameters, quality management system certificates (if any); And submit formal invoices and packing lists;


  ·The second step NBTS determines the feasible implementation plan and applicable standards under the plan.;


  ·The third step is to test, in the NBTS laboratory, NBTS coordinated sampling and laboratory testing;


  ·The fourth step of the on-site inspection will be carried out by the nearest NBTS inspection office after the completion of the above steps. All costs will be borne by the applicant.;


  ·After the fifth step of the inspection, the exporter submits the final documents (commercial invoices and packing list) to the NBTS office.;


  ​·The sixth step is to issue a certificate to the NBTS office and mail it to the exporter.


Uganda's pre-export compliance assessment scheme PVoC's three application options and fees (the following fees do not include 6% VAT)

ROUTE A: Customs clearance certificate(CoC)

ROUTE B: Product registration

ROUTE C: Product Form Approval Certificate (for manufacturers only)




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Export to Saudi Arabia-SASO&SFDA
  With the globalization of international trade, more and more governments are beginning to implement conformity assessment as part of their sustainable development plan to protect their domestic consumers from the safety and health brought about