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  The EU REACH Regulation (ie EU Regulation "EC" No. 1907/2006) is a regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals, which came into effect on June 1, 2007. The EU REACH regulations divide products into three categories: “substance”, “mixture” and “goods”, affecting almost all products placed on the EU market.


  Article 67, paragraph 1, of the EU REACH Regulation states: “When a substance, mixture or article contains a restricted substance in Appendix XVII, it shall not be placed on the market if it does not meet its restrictions.” Responding to REACH regulations should not only focus on SVHC, but also on the presence of the restricted substances listed in Appendix XVII of the Regulations in the corresponding products.


  Does your product meet REACH requirements? If you have not yet understood the REACH requirements, or want to know more about this, or if you have not obtained a test report, please feel free to contact us and NBTS will be happy to help you!


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  Applicable product range


  ·Electrical and electrical products and their raw materials.


  Conventional sample requirements


  ·Depending on the test project, please contact NBTS online customer service.


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  ①NBTS has qualified and experienced professional technical team to provide you with professional advice and services.


  ②NBTS has advanced laboratory equipment to ensure accurate and reliable test data.


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  Telephone communication or interview-----Send sample evaluation-----contract signing (payment) ------ issue report ------- after-sales technical service


common problem:


  Are the substances in the REACH Annex XVII list tested?


  ·The different product categories, the items to be met in Appendix XVII are different. For example: Article 5 for benzene requirements, it is restricted to substances, preparations and children's products; for example: Article 64 on the requirements of 1,4-dichlorobenzene, which is restricted to air fresheners / Stiner. Enterprises should investigate projects related to product products and develop corresponding measures to meet regulatory requirements.


  How long is the test cycle for NBTS Appendix XVII?


  ·The items to be tested are different due to different product categories. Therefore, the test cycle needs to be based on the actual test project, and there is no fixed regular test cycle. Please consult NBTS online customer service for details.


  How long is the NBTS sample retention period?


  ·The sampling period of ordinary samples is 30 days; the liquid sample (such as paint, ink, glue, paste) and powder sample retention period is 1 week after the report, and it is overdue.

REACH Appendix XVII Restricted
The “REACH Regulation and Control” product range covers a wide range of products, including electrical and electronic products, textiles, households, chemicals, etc. Only a few products are not covered by REACH.