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Business introduction


  On June 4, 2015, the European Union issued an order (EU) 2015/863 in its official gazette to amend Appendix II of RoHS 2.0 to include four phthalates in RoHS 2.0. So far, the limit substances in Appendix II of RoHS2.0 have been increased to ten. Since July 22, 2019, all electrical and electronic equipment except medical equipment and monitoring equipment need to meet new requirements; from July 22, 2021, medical equipment and monitoring equipment must meet new requirements. In addition to the EU, other countries and regions around the world such as China, California, Singapore, India, UAE, Turkey, etc. have also issued RoHS control requirements, making RoHS become the most basic entry barrier for electronic and electrical products to enter the global market. In order to comply with RoHS (Restriction of the use of specific hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment), NBTS provides comprehensive consulting, testing, material list evaluation, product transposition and certification solutions. NBTS offers a one-stop solution to comply with RoHS regulations. Through our services in more than 100 countries around the world, NBTS makes it easy for companies to meet RoHS compliance needs.


  If your product is or will be exported to the EU, meeting the EU RoHS 2.0 requirements is a must. If you have not yet understood the EU RoHS test requirements, or want to know the EU RoHS test, or have not obtained the test report, please feel free to contact us, NBTS will fully assist you.


Service Content:


Applicable product range


  ·Electrical and electronic products and their raw materials (including: large household appliances, small household appliances, information technology and communication equipment, consumer equipment, lighting equipment, electrical and electronic tools, toys, leisure and sports equipment, medical equipment, monitoring equipment, vending Goods and equipment, other electrical and electronic equipment).


Conventional sample requirements


  ·30-80g and the surface area of the metal sample is more than 200m2. For other specific details, please consult the online customer service.


standard test


  ·IEC 62321 (EU and California RoHS).


Testing items and regulatory requirements


  ·The content of each homogeneous material shall not exceed the following limits:




Our advantage:


  ①NBTS has qualified and experienced professional technical team to provide you with professional advice and services.


  ②NBTS has advanced laboratory equipment to ensure accurate and reliable test data.


  ③NBTS provides a one-stop test and certification solution with online online services around the world.


  ④NBTS is your trusted third-party testing and certification organization and a certificate of your quality.

Service Process:


  Telephone communication or interview-----Send sample evaluation-----contract signing (payment) ------ issue report ------- after-sales technical service


common problem:


  How long is the test cycle for the NBTS RoHS test?


  ·The NBTS RoHS regular test cycle is 5 working days. For expedited service, please contact NBTS customer service to confirm.


  What is the test method for the NBTS RoHS test?


  ·For the US and EU RoHS and other markets around the world, the IEC 62321 series of standards are used for testing; for China RoHS, the GB/T 26125 test method is adopted. If you need to use other test methods, please consult NBTS customer service before testing.


  How long is the NBTS sample retention period?


  ·The sample retention period of ordinary samples is 30 days; the liquid sample (such as paint, ink, glue, paste) and powder sample retention period is 1 week after the report, and it is overdue.


  If the sample provided is a dangerous sample, what are the special requirements?


  ·If it is a dangerous sample, please inform NBTS customer service staff in advance and provide the corresponding MSDS.

EU RoHS test
  NBTS provides EU RoHS testing services in the electrical and electronic products and its raw materials industries, helping companies to reduce the risk of non-compliance and successfully enter the international market.