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Business introduction


   In recent years, we have seen many private foundations and many philanthropists contributing to philanthropy at home and abroad. They have adopted non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to formulate policies and implement plans, and the development of domestic NGOs has become more and more Fast and increasingly diverse. At the same time, the transparency, reliability and performance of NGOs are also attracting attention. NBTS has established the “NGO benchmarking” standard, and we will provide you with independent third-party audit, customized two-party consultation and training.



Service Content


  ​Review content


  · The current NBTS NGO benchmarking review, which includes 99 indicators, provides an independent and reliable assessment scheme for NGOs from 12 dimensions, which can help NGOs, donors and beneficiaries as stakeholders to objectively evaluate projects. .


  They consist of four main areas that can be used to assess and measure specific related issues for any stakeholder, including the NGO itself:


  1. Best practice considerations

  Governance, strategic framework, integrity management, communication, advocacy and public image, human resources, fundraising, resource allocation and financial control, operations, results and continuous improvement


  2. Funder's expectations

  Transparency, efficiency and effectiveness


  3. Management elements

  Systems, activities (projects/engineering), human resources and finance


  4. Continuous improvement

  Planning, implementation, inspection, processing



  Scope of review


  Range 1

  (1) limited to headquarters

  (2) Headquarters and a limited but not representative number of workplaces



  2. Range 2

  (1) Multi-site certification, based on representative samples and headquarters

  (2) The implementation of the reference framework and measurement methods is achieved through field interviews and document inspections. The NGO benchmarks the 99 indicators in the third edition, each of which has a scoring system (0 to 3 points). The results of the scoring can promote the organization to improve. Of course, in addition to the overall composite score, if NGOs want to manage risk, they must carefully handle these correct and corrective corrective and preventive actions. Measurement and auditing through different time intervals also ensures that the entire process is monitored.



  Audit results


  · Confirmation with the audited organization through the summary meeting, and then presented in the form of an audit report.



   Content of report


  · Specific scores for each project


  · Identification of advantages and opportunities for improvement


  ·Recommended prevention measures


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(NGO) audit service
   The third edition of the NBTS NGO benchmarking review contains 99 indicators, which are based on current best practice guidelines and internationally recognized normative standards.