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Business introduction


  Unknown object analysis is based on the analysis needs of unknowns, taking into account different physical and chemical techniques and methods of separation and purification, separating and purifying each component in the unknown sample, and then using different analysis. A method by which an instrument analyzes, identifies, and finally determines the name and content of an unknown sample.


Service Content


  1. Auxiliary products


  1.1 Textile and leather auxiliaries: softeners, leveling agents, finishing agents, etc.


  1.2 Electroplating (zinc, copper, chromium, nickel, precious metals) additives: pre-treatment additives, brighteners, auxiliary brighteners, etc.


  1.3 Plastic and rubber products additives: plasticizers, antioxidants, flame retardants, light and heat stabilizers, foaming agents, fillers, antistatic agents, etc.


  1.4 Coating additives: emulsifiers, wetting and dispersing agents, defoamers, flame retardants, etc.


  1.5 Circuit board manufacturing chemical additives


  1.6 Electronic flux


  1.7 Ceramic additives


  1.8 Aluminum alloy surface treatment auxiliary


  1.9 Other fine chemical additives


  2. Ink products: ink, photosensitive ink, etc.


  3. Cosmetics: shampoo, hair care products, skin care products, beauty products, oral hygiene products, etc.


  4. Fragrance, spices


  5. Surfactants, civil and industrial cleaning agents


  6. Organic solvents: paint thinner, Tianna water, paint remover, solvent for electronics, textile and printing industries.


  7. Water treatment agent: corrosion inhibitor, coagulant and flocculant, scale inhibitor, etc.


  8. Petrochemicals: lubricating oil, cutting fluid, etc.


  9. Aerosols, brighteners, insecticides, mold release agents, refrigerants, air fresheners, etc.


  10. Polymer materials


  11. Other chemical products


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Unknown component analysis
  The unknowns analysis is based on the analysis requirements of the unknowns, taking into account and adopting different physical and chemical techniques and methods of separation and purification to separate and purify the individual components