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Business introduction

  MSDS (Material Safety Date Sheet) chemical safety instructions, also known as safety technology / data sheet SDS in European countries. Its information includes physical data, toxicity, health effects, first aid, response, storage, disposal, protective equipment, leakage treatment and other 16 items. At present, the United States, Japan, the European Union and other countries have generally established the MSDS system. Also in China, MSDS can provide essential chemical information for the brand's entire supply chain chemicals management.


  The MSDS report is prepared according to the legal requirements and requirements of the importing country of the product. Different countries have different requirements for MSDS reporting. With the change of understanding and understanding of chemical substances, the regulations and forms for MSDS reporting will also occur accordingly. Changes; if the MSDS provided by the exporter or importer is incorrect or the information is incomplete, the trade in chemicals will not proceed properly and may even be subject to accountability in the local laws of the importing country.


  If your product requires MSDS product certification, but you are not familiar with the MSDS product certification test requirements, or you want to know the MSDS product certification, or have not obtained the test report, please feel free to contact us, NBTS will fully assist you.


Service Content


  MSDS certification is a comprehensive legal document on the chemical characteristics provided by chemical production or sales companies to customers as required by law. According to the international standard MSDS should have the following content:

  1. identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking 

  2. composition/information on ingredients; - Risk Phrase

  3. hazards identification

  4. first-aid measures

  5. fire-fighting measures 

  6. accidental release measures 

  7. handling and storage 

  8. exposure controls/personal protection 

  9. physical and chemical properties; - ~ 14 items 

  10. stability and reactivity 

  11. toxicological information

  12. ecological information 

  13. disposal considerations 

  14. transport information

  15. regulatory information;- Risk phrase, Safety Phrase 

  16. Other information

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Service Process:


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common problem


  How much does the MSDS report do?


  · MSDS report is a chemical safety instruction manual. It only needs customers to provide some product information. It can quickly help customers to write a MSDS report. The average product cost is 500~800. If the battery is dangerous, the cost is probably 800~1000, please call us for details: 400-877-6107


  Some customers ask if the MSDS report can be written by the factory itself?


  · MSDS reports that the commodity inspection does not pass, resulting in product shipments, some factories even apply some MSDS reports made by other companies on the Internet, the content is very simple, the regulations are wrong. This is easy to get things. So if you want to do MSDS, in order to ensure The accurate and normative recommendations of the report suggest finding a professional third-party organization with peace of mind and effort.


  What information is required for the MSDS report?


  · Generally only need to fill out an application form, the company information, product information, product composition table, some simple content can be, the standard test laboratory will be based on the information provided by the customer to prepare the MSDS report according to the regulations. Generally, the official report can be issued within three working days, or it can be expedited.

MSDS certification
  MSDS (Material Safety Date Sheet) chemical safety instructions, also known as safety technology / data sheet SDS in European countries, this service provides MSDS product certification, and provides MSDS mark.