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ISO 37001认证

Business introduction:


  The ISO 50001/GBT 23331 Energy Management System certification demonstrates the organization's commitment to environmental responsibility and efficient use of energy. By establishing an effective energy and environmental management system, you can ensure that you meet the expectations of your stakeholders.


    The latest version of the Energy Management System (EnMS) standard, ISO 50001:2018, was released on August 21, 2018. The new version and the ISO are consistent with the requirements of the management system standards, including a unified high-level structure, the same core text, common terminology and definitions to ensure a high degree of compatibility with other management system standards, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 : 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018.


  The main changes in the new version compared to the previous version are as follows:


  1. Adopt ISO management system standard requirements to ensure high compatibility with other management system standards;


  2. Better integration with the strategic management process;


  3. Clarify language and documented structure;


  4. Emphasize the role of top management;


  5. Update the terms and definitions in the third section and arrange them in order of context;


  6. Added new definitions including energy performance improvements;


  7. Clarify the exclusion of energy types;


  8. Clarify energy review;


  9. Introduce the normalization of energy performance parameters and related energy benchmarks;


  10 increase the energy data collection plan and details of the requirements (ie the previous energy measurement plan);


  11. Clarify the content of energy performance parameters and energy benchmarks for a better understanding.

Service Content:


  . Energy management has system certification


  ​.GB/T 23331 standard / ISO 50001 standard training


The benefits of certification:


  ​· ISO 45001 is seamlessly integrated with more than 40 versions of the OHSAS standard, and the following benefits are obtained by certification:


  · Establish and implement an occupational health and safety management system using a systematic approach to prevent work-related injuries


  · Ensure that top management demonstrates its commitment and leadership to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System


  · Develop and support a culture of occupational health and safety within the organization


  · Ensure that employees or employee representatives are informed, involved or negotiated about occupational health and safety matters


  · Establish a systematic process to consider the organization's environment and the risks and opportunities associated with it


  · Protect employees or other people under organizational control to prevent or circumvent safety and health risks


  · Improve the organization's occupational health and safety risks and risks and their associated operational control awareness through notification, communication and training


  · Promote compliance with commitments to comply with compliance obligations


  · Improve the organization's occupational health and safety performance to achieve strategic goals


  · Promote communication with stakeholders on occupational health and safety performance


  ·Applicable to all countries


  · Greater credibility with the recognition of ISO standards


  · ISO 45001 HLS-based framework facilitates integration with other management systems such as EMS, QMS, ISMS, etc.


Our advantage:


  NBTS is a widely recognized certification body and an ISO 14001 certified professional organization. A valid ISO 14001 certificate demonstrates that the organization complies with internationally recognized environmental management principles.


  · We also offer ISO 14001 re-training to offer courses at different levels.  

ISO 14001
The globally recognized environmental management system ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification sets you apart from the competition.