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Business introduction


   The rapid development of electronic component technology and the improvement of reliability have laid the foundation for modern electronic equipment. The fundamental task of component reliability work is to improve the reliability of components. Therefore, we must pay attention to and accelerate the development of reliability analysis of components, determine the failure mechanism through analysis, identify the cause of failure, feedback to the design, manufacture and use, jointly research and implement corrective measures to improve the reliability of electronic components.


Service Content



  ·Component manufacturers: Deeply involved in product design, production, reliability testing, after-sales and other stages, to provide customers with theoretical basis for improving product design and process.

  ·Assembly plant: divide responsibility, provide claim basis; improve production process; screen component supplier; improve test technology; improve circuit design.

  ·Device Agent: Differentiate quality responsibility and provide basis for claim.

  ·Whole machine users: Provide the basis for improving the operating environment and operating procedures, improve product reliability, establish corporate brand image, and improve product competitiveness.


Failure analysis meaning:

  1、Provide the basis for electronic component design and process improvement, and guide the product reliability work direction;

  2、Identify the root cause of failure of electronic components, and effectively propose and implement reliability improvement measures;

  3、Improve the finished product rate and reliability of finished products, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises;

  ​4、Responsible parties responsible for product failures are provided to provide a basis for judicial arbitration.


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Service Process:


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Electronic component failure analysis
  The purpose of electronic component failure analysis is to confirm the failure phenomenon of electronic components by various test analysis techniques and analysis procedures, to distinguish the failure mode and failure mechanism, to confirm the