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Test certification
  We provide analytical testing services for a wide range of industries including electrical and electronic, toy light industry, textiles and footwear, food and agricultural products, medicine and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, health and beauty products, automotive parts, construction products, energy, minerals, etc., including safety, Quality control, compositional analysis, research and development, engineering design and evaluation, troubleshooting, sample testing and validation, and product benchmarking.

  We have product testing experience to provide independent, responsive, and cost-effective testing services that help you reduce time-to-market, reduce risk, and increase market value. Through our network of laboratories and offices, we provide quality and convenient local services.
  • Testing service
    Testing service
    With the increasing trade between countries in the world, the restrictions on harmful chemical substances in pr
  • Textile testing
    Textile testing
      Professional textile testing, CMA certification, CNAS certification, textile testing (textile fiber) is a
  • Clothing test
    Clothing test
      Nowadays, countries all over the world are pushing green textiles. Relevant environmentally-friendly text
  • Ingredient test / ingredient label
    Ingredient test / ingredient label
      This component test is mainly used to determine the type of fiber in textiles and the proportion of conte
  • Textile GB-18401-2010 test
    Textile GB-18401-2010 test
      We follow the testing services provided by the national compulsory standards, which can effectively help
  • Textile antibacterial test
    Textile antibacterial test
      The NBTS antibacterial test measures the antimicrobial properties of textiles and leather products, such
  • Textile dye fastness test
    Textile dye fastness test
      This service is mainly used to consider the extent to which colored textiles fade and/or fall off colors
  • Textile flame retardant test
    Textile flame retardant test
      This service is often used to test the fire resistance and flame retardancy of textiles.
  • Luggage test
    Luggage test
      China is now a big country in the production of luggage. In 2005, China's total export of luggage and bag
  • Shoe material and finished shoes test
    Shoe material and finished shoes test
      NBTS's footwear physical test can help you check the physical properties of footwear products by measurin
  • Polymer material testing
    Polymer material testing
      Polymer materials are widely used. We will use the corresponding materials according to specific needs, a
  • Polymer material failure analysis
    Polymer material failure analysis
      Failures can occur at all stages of the product life cycle, involving product development and design. NBT
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