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  A technical method for qualitative and quantitative analysis of each component by analyzing the composition of the product or sample by scientific analysis. As a professional component analysis organization in China, Meixin Analysis uses qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis of material components by means of mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, chromatography, nuclear magnetic and other analytical instruments to realize the analysis of multi-component complex sample systems, bringing improved formulas and improvements to various enterprises. Technology, mastering core technologies, improving product performance, and reducing costs.


Service Content


  Component analysis:


  1) Quality monitoring to understand the ingredients of raw materials;


  2) Analyze the product components and restore the basic formula;


  3) Prove that the product does not contain a certain ingredient;


  4) Find the reason for the decline in product performance;


  5) Understand the content of ingredients and master product performance;


  6) Solve problems in the production process;


  7) Compare products from different periods;


  8) Quickly find the cause of the unknown and eliminate hidden dangers;


  9) Product formulation improvement, imitating production.



  Component analysis application areas:



  1. Solids, liquids, gases, powders, solvents, raw materials, particles, materials, organic matter, inorganic substances, etc.;


  2, polymer materials: plastics, rubber, ink, paint, adhesives, plastics, etc.;


  3. Fine chemicals: cleaning agents, metal surface treatment agents, metal processing fluids, oil additives, chemical additives, food additives, additives, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, mold release agents, water treatment additives, construction additives, chemistry Reagents, leather auxiliaries, papermaking auxiliaries, etc.;


  4. Others: plant extracts, oil products, food, medicines, cosmetics, building materials, flavors and fragrances, chemicals, industrial products, soil, ore minerals, coal, etc.



  Component Analysis Service Project:




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  ①NBTS has qualified and experienced professional technical team to provide you with professional advice and services.


  ②NBTS has advanced laboratory equipment to ensure accurate and reliable test data.


  ③NBTS provides a one-stop test and certification solution with online online services around the world.


  ④NBTS is your trusted third-party testing and certification organization and a certificate of your quality.


Service Process:


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Component detection
A technical method for qualitative and quantitative analysis of each component by analyzing the composition of the product or sample by scientific analysis.